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Coming Together to Support Veterans!

The Veteran Entrepreneur Alliance (VEA) is a non-profit organization that aims to support veteran-owned businesses and help them succeed. The VEA provides a range of resources and support to veteran entrepreneurs, including access to capital, mentorship, networking opportunities, and educational resources.

The organization serves as a hub for veteran-owned businesses and helps connect them with other veteran entrepreneurs, as well as with potential customers and partners. The VEA also works to advocate for veteran-owned businesses and raise awareness of their contributions to the economy and society.

In addition to its support for veteran-owned businesses, the VEA also aims to promote entrepreneurship and small business ownership among veterans. The organization offers resources and guidance to help veterans start and grow their own businesses, as well as connect them with other veteran entrepreneurs who can provide mentorship and support.

Overall, the Veteran Entrepreneur Alliance is a valuable resource for veteran-owned businesses and aspiring veteran entrepreneurs looking to start and grow their own businesses.